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Introduce the required values and press the "Calculate" button to get the interaction diagram and the utilisation ratio of the section.
Interaction diagram

A section interaction diagram is the set of combined loads (bending and axial) that will cause the section to fail. To obtain this mentioned set of loads, a pivot based diagraman corresponding to different strain distributions in the section is calculated. The methodology is based on the Eurocode 2 and the Spanish code EHE as explained below:

Methodolody: Expand explanation imagen flecha
Calculation process
Geometrical characteristics
Heigth (mm) (h): imagen rectangulo
Width (mm) (b):
Upper reinforcement (mm^2) (A2):
Lower reinforcement (mm^2) (A1):
Upper concrete cover (mm) (R2):
Lower concrete cover (mm) (R1):
Material characteristics
Steel yielding limit (MPa) (fys): Steel partial factor:
Typical values:
Persistent & Transient situation:1.15;
Accidental situation:1.0;
Concrete resistance (MPa) (fck): Concrete partial factor:
Typical values:
Persistent & Transient situation::1.5;
Accidental situation:1.2;
Steel Yound modulus (N/mm^2) (Es):
Typical value:
210000 MPa;
Interaction diagramam parameters
Maximum concrete failure strain in bending: Concrete crushing strain (pure compression):
Deformación de rotura del acero:
Axil (N) (kN): imagen carga
Bending moment (M) (kN*m): The forces on the figure are positive
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