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Introduce the required values and press the "Calculate" button to get the concrete shear resistance and the utilisation ratio of the section.
concrete shear resistance verification

When applying a perpendicular load to the beam’s guideline, shear loads appear parallel to the beam’s transversal section. The resistant scheme of a concrete beam to shear loads cannot be considered bidimensional but three dimensional. The procedures that have been adopted by the different concrete manuals to calculate the shear resistance admit that the transversal reinforcement contribution is the one that results from the Ritter-Mörsch truss analogy. The image below shows how the cracks produced by shear look like. These cracks usually go from the tensioned reinforcement to the load applying point.

fisuras en una viga producidas por el cortante

Explanation: Read more imagen flecha
Calculation process
Geometric characteristics
Height (h) (mm): imagen sección
Width (b) (mm):
Lower reinforcement (A1) (mm^2):
Lower concrete cover (R1) (mm):
Concrete characteristics
Concrete compressive characteristic strength (fck) (MPa): Concrete partial factor:
Normal force(kN)
(Compression +):
Shear force(kN):
Display shear concrete resistance without reinforcement formulasimagen flecha
Shear reinforcement available:
Yes No Is is needed? Automatic calculation after introducing all the input data

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