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Introduce the required values and obtain automatically the concrete punching shear resistance and the utilisation ratio. If nedded, it is also possibe to include the reinforcement and calculate its utilisation ratio.
Punching shear verification

Punching shear failure: When applying a concentrate load or reaction over a slab, it is produced a concentration of shear stress around it. The failure arrives when this shear stress, measured in a concentric perimeter at a certain distance from the loaded area, exceeds the concrete punching shear resistance. The following picture shows the typical appearance of the punching shear failure. It is important to highlight that this failure is brittle and the floor finishing normally hides the possible cracks before the collapse of the structure or the asphalt in the case of building/parkings.

Fallo por punzonamiento

Methodolody: Expand explanation imagen flecha
Características geométricas
Slab thickness (h) (mm): geometría fallo punzonamiento
Support width X (Cx) (mm):
Support width Y (Cy) (mm):
X direction reinforcement by meter width (Ax) (mm^2): Interrogación
Typical values:
phi12 @200mm:565mm^2
phi14 @200mm:770mm^2
phi16 @200mm:1005mm^2
phi20 @200mm:1571mm^2
phi32 @200mm:4021mm^2
Y direction reinforcement by meter width (Ay) (mm^2): Interrogación
Typical values:
phi12 @200mm:565mm^2
phi14 @200mm:770mm^2
phi16 @200mm:1005mm^2
phi20 @200mm:1571mm^2
phi32 @200mm:4021mm^2
Concrete cover (R1) (mm):
geometría fallo punzonamiento
Condiciones de contorno
Number of edges valores de beta punzonamiento EC2
Beta value:
For structures where the lateral stability does not depend on frame action between the slabs and the columns, and where the adjacent spans do not differ in length by more than 25%, approximate values for β may be used, as shown in the picture on the right.
valores de beta punzonamiento EC2
Concrete characteristics
Concrete compressive characteristic strength (fck) (MPa): Concrete partial factor: Interrogación
Typical values:

Permanent load:1.5;
Accidental load:1.2;
Normal load in X direction (kN/m^2)
(Compression +):
Punching load(kN):
Normal load in Y direction (kN/m^2)
(Compression +):
If needed, our unit coverter is available here
Display punching shear concrete resistance without reinforcement formulasimagen flecha
Punching shear reinforcement available:
Yes No Is it needed? Automatic calculation after introducing all the input data

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