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Concrete pressure on formwork - BS5975:2019

June , 2th 2024 | Via: Linkedin (Ronan O’Driscoll)/Prontubeam | Seen: 1326 times
This image is based on "A Guide to Temporary Works in Construction & BS5975:2019 - Ronan O’Driscoll," which in turn is founded on the standard "BS 5975:2019" and the document "CIRIA Report R108 – Concrete Pressure on Formwork.

The BS 5975:2019 standard provides guidelines on how to calculate the forces exerted by concrete on formwork. Clause 17.4.2 states that these forces can be calculated using the method described in CIRIA R108 or through a conservative estimate of the concrete pressure, which is determined as 25 times the depth of the pour. This conservative approach is applicable when the concrete applies full hydrostatic pressure to the formwork, such as when using certain admixtures for self-compacting concrete. Proper evaluation of these pressures is crucial to ensure the integrity of the formwork during the pour.
Concrete pressure on formwork - BS5975:2019
Additionally, Clause 19.2.6 of BS 5975:2019 details that the pressures of fresh concrete should be calculated following the recommendations of Clause 17.4.2, considering that fresh concrete applies modified hydrostatic pressures to the formwork. These pressures should be particularly considered in situations where there are unbalanced horizontal forces, such as when pouring concrete against an existing structure or using single-sided formwork. The transfer of these forces to the falsework is essential to support the weight of the concrete and resist lateral forces. The standard also emphasizes the importance of adequately restraining formwork panels against separation caused by horizontal forces, especially in situations where the formwork is not level, which is addressed in detail in Annex H of the standard.

In "Concrete pressure on formwork - BS5975:2019 - Application examples" it is presented some application examples for different values for the parameters of the formula and are compared against the pressure values obtained if the concrete is considered as a fluid.

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