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Introduce the required values and the calculation is automatic. You will get the anchor length and all intermediate calculations according to EC-2.
Design anchorage length following EC-2

This online tool calculates the anchor length of a bar based on the formulation of the EC-2.

Calculo longitud anclaje

Explanation: Read more imagen flecha
Calculation process
Geometric characteristics
Bar diameter (Φs) (mm): Rebar shape
Cd value (See figure) (mm): Valor Cd.JPG
coefficient related to the quality of the bond condition and the position of the bar during concreting (η1) (see figure below-Good/poor conditions):
η1 = 1.0 when ‘good’ conditions are obtained; η1 = 0.7 for all other cases and for bars in structural elements built with slip-forms, unless it can be shown that ‘good’ bond conditions exist
Coefficient related to the bar diameter (η2):
η2 = 1.0 for φ ≤ 32 mm; η2 = (132 - φ)/100 for φ > 32 mm;
Coeficiente posicion barra
Concrete characteristics
Concrete tensile characteristic strength (fctk,0,05) (MPa): Concrete partial factor: (γc)
Typical values:
Persistent & Transient situation:1.15;
Accidental situation:1.0;
Long term effects on the tensile strength (α,ct) (MPa):
Steel characteristics
Design stress of the bar (σs) (MPa): Tension or compression:
transverse reinforcement along the design anchorage length
Not welded transverse reinforcement?
In case of doubt, keep the "No" option, is conservative;
Welded transverse reinforcement?
In case of doubt, keep the "No" option, is conservative;
Transverse pressure along the anchorage length
Is there transverse pressure along the anchorage length?:
Compression stresss on the concrete where the rebar is anchored, increasing the contact between the rebar and tbe concrete In case of doubt, keep the "No" option, is conservative;
Alfa values automatic calculated
α1 value: α2 value: α3 value: α4 value: α5 value:
Required anchor length - Lbrd (mm) Automatic calculation after introducing all the input data
Intermediate values for anchor length calculation
Fill in all the input data to see the results
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